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Reasons to fly to Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is the economic capital of the country, than the capital, Wellington. The city is also one of the most multicultural cities in Oceania, with immigrants from all over the world, mainly from the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. A fact about the city is that there are more than 50 volcanoes scattered throughout the city. They are all asleep and there is no volcanic activity for 600 years! Fly now and discover the enchanted beauty of Auckland!

Things to do in Auckland

  • See the Auckland Zoo – The Auckland Zoo is the main zoological garden of 16,35 hectares in Auckland, New Zealand . It is located next to the park Western Springs near the city’s financial district. The zoo is home to about 179 species with a total of 1,300 animals in an area of 20 hectares!
  • Go to Mount Eden – The famous Mount Eden is a volcano dormant for New Zealand. It is the highest natural summit of the city of Auckland with 196 meters of altitude. The mountain is the highest natural elevation of Auckland, a must see site!
  • Explore the Waitomo Glowworm Caves – Situated about 120 miles south of Auckland, the famous natural wonder Glowworm Grotto, is a must visit place! Thousands of glowworms illuminating the cave ceiling is waiting for you in the site!

What’s it cost in Auckland?

We’ve compiled the average prices of everyday items in Auckland to help you better plan your journey.

Coffee Latte 4.60 NZ$
Meal Budget 15.00 NZ$
Beer Local 8.00 NZ$

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