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Reasons to Fly to Boracay

With Boracay’s famous white sand beach, it has known in the Philippines as the top tourist destination. It is a small island and is popular with its resorts and beaches that is a must to see!
  • The White Beach – The famous White Beach is actually divided into three stations – Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. Station 1 is where the luxurious resorts are. The sad part of this section is that there is no separate walking path unlike in the other two sections but the good thing is, it has whiter, and more powdery sand that you will surely enjoy! Station 2, being called as the center of Boracay, is where all the action is. It is the party central and is the main shopping center of the site. Section 3 is where the relaxed and leafy environment is and also the place where you can find the affordable accomodations for you to stay. Truly, with its glorious sites, the White Beach is an exciting place to be!

Enjoy the island’s sun-kissed beaches!

Take selfies everywhere! Go swimming and explore the island!

What’s it cost in Boracay?

We’ve compiled the average prices of everyday items in Boracay to help you better plan your journey.
Coffee Latte ₱ 99.00
Meal Budget ₱ 125.00
Beer Local ₱ 25.00

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