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Reasons to fly to California

Located on the west coast, California is the most populous state in the United States and has the third largest area. Its capital is Sacramento and Los Angeles as the most populated one. Originally the word California referred to a wider region, composed of the territory of the present state of California plus all or part of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Wyoming and the Mexican peninsula of California. The theory most supported is that the word California derives from the name of the regent of a fictitious paradise dominated by black amazons, Queen Califia. California is traditionally a major economic power, pioneer and leader in numerous industry segments such as aeronautics, the space technology, the electronics, medical industry, etc. Search flights now and enjoy wandering the amazing streets of California with your family and friends!

What to Do and See in California

There are so much things to do and many sights to see in California. Here are some of the things you should not miss out!

Enjoy San Francisco’s downtown and bay view!

Wander and explore the Yosemite National Park!

What’s it cost in California?

We’ve compiled the average prices of everyday items in California to help you better plan your journey.

Coffee Latte 3.99 $
Meal Budget 15.00 $
Beer Local 5.00 $

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