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Why Fly to Hanoi?

Hanoi being the capital of Vietnam has some excellent places to see and is perfect for a relaxing break. We’d highly recommend visiting the West Lake which is one of the major scenic spots Hanoi has to offer. There are some other attractions which you definitely shouldn’t leave Hanoi without visiting such as the:
  • Quan Su Temple
  • Hanoi Opera House

What to Do and See in Hanoi

There are so much things to do and many sights to see in Hanoi. Here are some of the things you should not miss out!

Go see the famous One Pillar Pagoda!

Be amazed to Hanoi’s Temple of Literature!

What’s it cost in Hanoi?

We’ve compiled the average prices of everyday items in Hanoi to help you better plan your journey.
Coffee Latte 37,857.75 ₫
Meal Budget 40,000.00 ₫
Beer Local 20,000.00 ₫

Find your flight tickets in advance

Start searching for your flight earlier for the best airline airfares to Hanoi, don’t delay too long otherwise your plane tickets could end up costing you much more if you book closer to your departure date.

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