List Of Unique Destinations You Should Travel On To Next

Are you tired of hearing common destinations where to travel next? If the plan of travelling to Singapore or Paris does not seek your favor anymore, then try booking a flight to one of this places on my list of obscure and unique destinations to travel to! Take chances on seeing new places, discover unusual attractions and have an exotic … Read more

Travelling Solo: What I Learned and Why You Should Do It Too

It’s common to hear people travelling the world. With airfares dropping drastically low on off-peak seasons, people are much more able to do it with their friends or family. What’s considered strange is for an individual to go on an adventure to experience a foreign land alone. They worry that something might go wrong and no one will be there … Read more

Best Diving Spots in Palawan You Should Never Miss

The Philippines is home to many outstanding beaches and Palawan is unarguably one of its most-prized possessions. But aside from the beaches, this island province also known as the Philippines’ ‘Last Frontier’ is also a gem for adventurers and thrill-seekers. So, if you’re done exploring the wild and if you think you haven’t had enough of Palawan, it’s time to explore … Read more

At the Heart of London, the Royal City

Why London is the Most Thriving and Interesting City in Europe and the World It has been more than two years since I arrived in the English capital for an opportunity of a lifetime. London is a city in Europe where pageantry, grandeur and modernisation are at par. As I dig deeper into its core, my relationship with this city … Read more

That Trip Called Sagada

If you’re a millennial twenty-something that’s fully immersed with pop culture, then you’re familiar with that one hugot-filled (hugot means ‘the feels’ in English) romantic movie that culminated with a magical scene in Sagada, Mt. Province. Admittedly, my friends and I are–and this was one of the major reasons why we went to this adventure. We wanted to have our … Read more

MAGNIFICENT ANGKOR WAT – Visit it at least Once in your Life

Angkor Wat was once just a wild dream. I was fresh from college when I read about it from one of my favorite celebrity blogs. I found it fascinating and grand. That moment, I told myself that I wanted to be there. I wanted to be in Angkor Wat and know for myself how it feels to be there. But … Read more

5 Awesome Things to Do When in Dakak

Are you planning to go on an ultimate beach vacation or adventure? Since it’s summer here in the Philippines, you should go check out Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan City. Dakak has so much to offer so you have plenty of choices and you won’t run out of activities to do. The beach was so inviting when we arrived … Read more

Humans of Ho Chi Minh: I Don’t Know Them But I’d Never Forget Them

If there’s one thing I regret doing during my last trip, it was that I didn’t take photos of the memorable and helpful people my friends and I met along the way. I mean it seems like an obvious thing to do – to photograph people – but somehow, it didn’t occur to me that time. During your adventures, you meet several … Read more

5 World Wonders that You Need to See Before They are Gone Forever

While you are busy ticking off items on your bucket list and looking forward to your next getaway, did you know that there are many wonders of the planet Earth that are now at risk of being wiped off forever? Climate change and global warming are terms we have been hearing for over the last decade. An American ex-politician turned … Read more

Why Camiguin Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway Destination

If you’re a fan of Philippine horror movies, you may recognise this eerie and chilling place as a location setting. But more than the what the movies would present, Camiguin Island is a natural paradise in Northern Mindanao. Approximately 90 kilometres north of Cagayan de Oro City, Camiguin is a volcanic island that offers natural landscapes and breathtaking seascapes. Here … Read more