A Traveller’s Guide to the Best Pizzas Around the World

Do you know anyone who hates pizza? No one! After all, who wouldn’t love a combination of a crusty dough topped with cheese, tomato and your favourite toppings to go with them? Some love it with meats, vegetable and even fruits! So if you are like us who love Italian-born wonder and travel, we have a rundown of the best cities to go to have your pizza fix.

Naples, Italy

To start with, it will be a mortal sin if we don’t pay homage to the birthplace of pizza–Naples. The original wood-fired Neapolitan pizza was invented here making the city a must-visit for die-hard pizza fans (we’re talking about you!). While there are so many great restaurants scattered around (some may even be found on the streets), the oldest pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is the best place to be if you are looking for authentic and traditional pizza. You can enjoy pasta, seafood, and other pastries, too!If you are someone who wants to get of culture, history and art, then Naples got this right as well. It is home to one of Italy’s best archaeological museums, the National Archaeological Museum. Museo di Capodimonte houses the works of Italian masters such as Raphael, Botticelli and Michelangelo.What we love about Naples is that it can serve as a jumping off point to other gorgeous destinations such as Sicily, Sardinia, and the Amalfi Coast.

Rome, Italy

If you can’t get enough of authentic Italian pizza, then head over to the capital and try their own version. Roman pizza dough tends to have a thin to medium thin crust made with olive oil, flour, water, yeast, salt, and occasionally a touch of sugar. The addition of oil is what sets it apart from from the Neapolitan dough which gives the crust more flavourful and a crispier crunch.Common toppings of Roman pizza are fresh ingredients such as crushed tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, artichoke hearts, dried oregano, garlic, hard boiled egg, prosciutto,olives, anchovies and spinach.For die-hard fanatics, it may be a great idea to enrol in the class of Gabriele Bonci at Tricolore. He was dubbed by Vogue as the “Michelangelo of pizza” and learn how to make a great Roman pizza from the master himself.

Chicago, USA

Aside from the many great things Chicago is known for–magnificent skyline, friendly locals, homegrown pubs and eclectic food scene, the Windy City is proud of its contribution to culinary world–the famous deep-dish pizza. The famous Pizzeria Uno claims to have invented this pizza. Chicago-style pizza is made with a buttery crust which consists of cornmeal and flour, thick enough to support the one pound sliced (not shredded) mozzarella and chunky tomato sauce blended with other Italian seasonings and topped with sausage and other meats. It stands around three inches, enough to feed three people (or one, if you are that hungry). This is one heavy pizza so make sure that you have a room to share. But if Pizzeria Uno is too touristy for you, then try the many pizzerias around such as the The Art of Pizza in Lakeview and Lou Malnati’s at River North.And while you are in Chicago, don’t forget to visit other well-known attractions such as the tallest tower in America, the Sears Tower which provide the best place to see the whole city especially during sunset. A stroll in the Millennium Park will give you a peek on how serious Chicagoans are when it comes to art and wellness. If you are into architecture and stunning buildings, a trip to the Harold Washington Library, Wrigley Building, Marina City, Tribune Tower and Merchandise Mart is definitely worth it.

New York City, USA

So many things have been said about New York and there is no stopping it. One thing that has been added to its numerous repertoire is being the home of well-loved New York-style pizza! In 1905, an Italian immigrant established Lombardi’s the first pizzeria in Manhattan. He began selling tomato pies wrapped in paper and tied with a string for $5, a favourite among factory workers around the vicinity. Soon, other pizzerias followed suit and began selling their own pizzas and today, there are over 400 hundred shops around New York City. The NY-style pizza base is made of high-gluten bread flour, traditionally hand-tossed to create a perfect thin crust, topped with a light layer of tomato sauce with and dry, grated, full-fat mozzarella cheese and other additional toppings, then baked into a coal brick oven. The pies are usually around 18 inches in diameter and cut into eight slices, often folded in half from the crust and eaten on-the-go.

Orlando, Florida

The final city that made the cut may not exactly come to mind when you think about pizza. But believe it or not, the strong Italian influence in the area is an obvious reason enough to make our dark horse to be included in this list. Since Orlando is known for its cultural diversity, it comes as no surprise that pizzerias here has their own take on pizzas. For example, the famous Brick in Fire offers unique pizzas with duck confit as toppings. Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in EPCOT is proud to say that their water is a sourced from the spring of Italy’s Campania region which makes their crispy, gooey, chewy pizza absolutely to-die for. Finally, Pizza Xtreme is a crowd favourite because of the Wall of Fame challenge where two competitors get to finish a 28-inch pie for an hour and the pizza is free!So if you are arranging your itinerary to any theme parks that have flocked Orlando (Universal Studios, Disneyland, Discovery Shore, etc.), then don’t fail to go to any of the pizzerias around to get your fix to of cheesy and tomato-y goodness a pizza can bring. Buon appetito!