Go to Baguio Before the Heat Makes You Crazy

Having grown up down south in a place where the sun is (almost) always shining all year, coming to a cold fine place is such a grand idea. And what better way to find respite in the crazy heat is to head up north to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. In this blog, I will share with you what I adore about this place:   

    1. Obviously, the cold weather

Baguio is not only ideal during summer but also within September to February, when you get to experience Baguio at its best! One of the things I love about coming here is getting bundled up with winter-type of clothes that you don’t normally wear. For Filipinos, this place is the closest thing to experiencing winter to never pass up the chance to come here when you can. You can sashay your winter outfits and take a photo with a cuppa of hot chocolate or your favourite coffee.

     2. The food

You don’t wanna miss the food in any destination, right? Luckily, Baguio has a great array of restaurants and unique places to eat. There’s a reason why Benguet (the province where Baguio is part of) is called the “Salad Bowl” of the Philippines—the vegetables and fruits here are guaranteed fresh and affordable and there are numerous food places that Baguio has: Cafe by the Ruins, Ketchup Food Community, 50’s Diner, Pizza Volante, and many more. Make sure to sample the strawberry taho!

        3. Pine Trees!

Okay, please don’t think I’m weird. It’s just that pine trees are totally non-existent where I came from. Pine trees that are sometimes enveloped by thick fog in the early hours of the morning are something I only see in Western movies and Korean Dramas. Here, pine trees are everywhere! No wonder Baguio is also aptly called the “City of Pines”. The best way to explore and see that many pine trees is in Camp John Hay.

    4. Unique attractions

There are many things to see in Baguio City. Among them are Mines View Park, where you can spend a day taking photos overlooking the city; Burnham Park where you can enjoy leisure boat ride on the lake; The Mansion, the official residence of the President; The Bell House and many more.

    5.  Close to Mt. Ulap and beautiful Benguet

Since it’s part of the province of Benguet, you can explore other destinations nearby from Baguio City. Sagada is a favourite among young people because of the many things once can do here such as spelunking, trekking, visit historical sites, and do food trips. It is best reached through Baguio City, passing through La Trinidad in Benguet, to get to the highest mountain highway system in the Philippines, Halsema Road until one reaches Mountain Province, where Sagada is located.