List Of Unique Destinations You Should Travel On To Next

Are you tired of hearing common destinations where to travel next? If the plan of travelling to Singapore or Paris does not seek your favor anymore, then try booking a flight to one of this places on my list of obscure and unique destinations to travel to! Take chances on seeing new places, discover unusual attractions and have an exotic experience you will surely won’t forget! After all, if you already enjoyed the usual theme parks and other general destinations, what more to this exciting travel itinerary, huh?

The Golden Rock

First on the list, is a place for you to appreciate a rock. Yes, a magnificent gigantic rock. Specifically, a granite boulder that lies on an inclined plane which you could see that the area of contact is very, very small. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda a Buddhist pilgrimage site, also known as the Golden Rock temple, is located in Burma at Mon State, which is an administrative division of Myanmar. The sight is one of the main places of worship of Burmese Buddhism. This Golden Rock has the rough form of a human skull, but without exact details. The pilgrims bring gold leaflets that stick them to the very holy rock and according to legend, the rock is balanced by only two of the Buddha’s hair, so that it does not fall. An ancient hermit is said to have been given by Buddha himself a hair-reliquary, which he always kept in his hair-scarlet. Not pleased to the thought of seeing a big rock? Try again coming back to that thought when you see the rock with your own eyes specially at sunset view when the sight has been lit up by the setting sun and electric lights! If you have a wide imagination, that should look wonderful inside your head.

Cat Island

I love dogs. Being familiarize with this island full of cats, I still love dogs. Tashirojima is an island of Japan located in Miyagi Prefecture which belongs to the city of Ishinomaki. The population of the island is small approximately 100 people and has became known as the Cat Island as the stray cat population is large and is growing steadily. The presence of cats is also remembered by buildings in the shape of cat. Other things that you need to see while you are in the island are exhibited works of the famous Manga artists Shotaro Ishinomori, Tetsuya Chiba and Naomi Kimura – which is another selling point to drive travellers who love arts (like me) to see this island full of cats.In addition, 51 stone statues can be found here and there are at least 10 cat sanctuary that can be seen in the island. So if you’re a traveller who loves cats, this might be heaven for you. But for travellers like me who love dogs (because they are cuter), this is also a great destination to be for us to appreciate cats for a while, and also this really is an obscure dogs??!

The Hidden Beach

You might be thinking that this beach shouldn’t be called hidden no more for it isn’t already. Well, we have the same thinking. So this not hidden beach is called Hidden Beach because of its location inside a block which was formed by series of bombings in the early 1900s by Mexican government. The beach is also known as the Playa del Amor which means as The Beach of Love that can be found in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Invisible from the outside, magnificent in the inside! Visitors can only be in the sight by riding a kayak or swim through the approximately six feet water level. A great place to be compared to the common wide beaches you always visit!

The Underwater Park

This next unique travel destination on my list is a dual personality type of sight. Once its a park, sometimes a lake! The Grüner See which translates as the Green Lake is located at Styria in Austria. The name of the lake comes from its emerald green water. This water is clean and clear because it comes from the melting snow of the Karstic mountains. During the winter, the lake is only one to two meters deep and its surroundings are used as a park in the District. However, during the spring when the temperature rises and the snow melts, the basin is filled with water and the lake reaches its maximum depth of about 12 meters from mid-May to June, which makes it a great place for travellers who love to dive!

Mano del Desierto

Mano del Desierto is an iron and cement sculpture of Mario Irarrázabal that can be seen at Atacama desert, which was reated in 1992. The majestic structure is 11 meters high and stands at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. This huge size of the attraction means to emphasize human vulnerability and also helplessness. Also, according to its author, each visitor to the Hand of the Desert can give him his own interpretation of the meaning of this sculpture. Some say it’s the city saying goodbye to the traveller while others represent it as the victims of injustice and torture during the military dictatorship of 1973-1990, and for me it means go on, talk. Talk to the hand..

Spotted lake

What common lakes showcase is its glacier-fed beauty, calm wind, sapphire-hued water and enormously beautiful clear water. But being a spotted one? That is a unique lake and must be spotted quick! This Spotted Lake is a soda lake in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The small lake is rich in a variety of minerals, including calcium, sodium sulfate and magnesium sulfate. In the hot summer months, when a large part of the water evaporates in the lake, the concentrations of these minerals increase and they become visible in different places in the form of pools. Throughout the summer, they vary in size and color. The colors range from blue to green to yellow. You could picture it by imagining a palette with watercolours on it – cool right? So there you go, I’ve just spotted a Spotted Lake for you to travel to.  

My Unique Destination Pick

I’m an artistic kind of person and loves to see unique or unusual things for it boost my creativity. What I would like to travel to next (from my short list of unique destinations) is of course not Cat Island, it’s the Mano del Desierto! The sight really captured my attention and now I’m looking forward seeing this exaggerated sculpture in the future!