That Day We Explored Britania Group of Islands in Surigao

One fine November, my childhood friends and I decided to take an epic trip to an island in Surigao, called Britania. We have heard so many stories about the place for so long, so it was just about right to pay it a visit, once and for all, so we can finally stop getting jealous at other people’s Facebook Timeline. We excitedly left at exactly four in the morning to what would be a long eight-hour drive to our destination. We passed through many destinations on our way such as Davao City, Tagum City, Compostela Valley and more, each has it’s own beauty waiting to be explored on a later time. However, the business of the day is to finally see what the talk of the town is all about, Britania Group of Islands. Finally, after an interestingly tumultuous trip (it was raining and sunny and raining again throughout the drive), the herd of us arrived in Britania safe and sound and was welcomed by the beautiful sun. After having lunch  (which was great by the way) and checking into our hotel, we finally went on board and started the island tours. Touring the islands is quite easy. If you’re staying on a resort, they offer island tours to to their guests. The standard rate is P1,500 that would include that 4-island tour to Hagonoy Island, Naked Island, Boslon and Hiyor-hiyoran.With our best beach outfits and cameras ready, we sailed off to our first island, Hagonoy Island. It is a long stretch of island with coconut trees. We jumped off the boat and started swimming in the clear blue waters which was really awesome. The sand is fine and white so frolicking and taking selfies are ideal. We spent a good half hour here and we’re off to the next island. The next stop was Naked Island, just a few minutes away from the first one. It was a basically a white sand bar with some rocks. It was quite a small island and there was not much to do except swim around and take selfies. What was unique though were the waves that come from both sides covering the island at every surge.Up next was Boslon Island. There were a lot of tourists when we went here. The guide told us that many tourists would stop here for lunch. There was a small marketplace where they sell refreshments, local foods and souvenirs. There were also tables and chairs under the coconut trees. While it was crowded, the beach was still great and features the same fine and white sand. The last island was Hiyor-hiyoran Island. It was a wide open beach lined with a handful of palm trees. For those who love to snorkel, grab that opportunity to do that here since it has beautiful corals. We saw colourful fishes and enjoyed a free dive. Finally, we called it a day. Half-day is enough to visit and enjoy all four islands. Though we were tired and hungry afterwards, we all marvelled at the beauty and enjoyed our time during the island tour.