Why Camiguin Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway Destination

If you’re a fan of Philippine horror movies, you may recognise this eerie and chilling place as a location setting. But more than the what the movies would present, Camiguin Island is a natural paradise in Northern Mindanao. Approximately 90 kilometres north of Cagayan de Oro City, Camiguin is a volcanic island that offers natural landscapes and breathtaking seascapes. Here are the various unique places of interest you should not miss:

Catarman Church Ruins

The ruins of an old Spanish church are the only remnant of the devastating volcanic eruption in 1871 which wiped out the Spanish settlement of Catarman.

Cross Marker and Sunken Cemetery (Bonbon, Catarman)

A huge cross marker was installed by the provincial government to mark the community cemetery location which sunk during the 1871 volcanic disaster. It provides for a good diving site to the adventurous divers.

Katibawasan Falls and Tuasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is a 250 feet majestic falls  that cascades to a rock pool surrounded by rock boulders and wild flora. Its ice-cold waters is so refreshing and a wild splash is a very good idea. On the other hand, going to the Tuasan Falls will require a 25-metre trek up. For the adventurous, this is no problem. Traverse into a jungle and lush scenery, you will pass through Barrio Mainit until you are welcomed by the beautiful view of Tuasan Falls. You have finally arrived.

Tangub Hot Spring

Relax in the volcanic Tangub Hot Spring which is surprisingly ideal for scuba diving. Water temperature changes from cold, hot and lukewarm as the tide level turns high, low and medium perfect after a tiring day.

Macao Cold Spring

After experiencing a relaxing dip in the hot spring, head to Mahinog to experience Macao Cold Spring. The cool splash of the its blue waters is a perfect match to the huge century-old trees that provide quiet shade amidst the cool breeze.

Mantigue Island

Book your boat and go to Mantigue Island, a four hectare evergreen forest fringed with sandy beach and some corals, perfect for swimming. The opposite side makes for a good snorkelling and diving site.

Mount Hibok-Hibok

This is the only active volcano in the island. Its unique 125o meter slope can be quite challenging for even the experienced mountaineer. The peak offers a fantastic view of Cebu, Negros and Bohol.

White Island

This is Camiguin’s popular sand bar taking the forms of letter C and I depending on the tide level. Mt Hibok-Hibok provides for a perfect backdrop of this long stretch of beachfront.

Jicduf and Burias Shoal

These are two of the best diving spots in Camiguin, offering a rich variety of marine and aquatic life.With all of these places found in just one island, tourists are splurged with the abundance of unspoilt naturescapes, unbelievably allowing the people to continue their simple and idyllic way of life, sheltered and undisturbed even by the strong pressures of modern-day lifestyle.Camiguin Island offers outdoor adventures for the water-loving tourists. Snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, trekking, mountain climbing, basking under the sun on the beach fronts, cold splashes under the waterfalls, island hopping – they are out to give tourists the time of their lives as Camiguin Island uncovers and reveals the beauty unmarred by progress and development.